I invite you to journey with me to clarify your spiritual vision, step into purposeful living and reach your sweet spot. 

How do I clarify my spiritual vision for a deeper connection with God, self, and others?

the lens of love

The missing element in many businesses is life aligned with purpose based on a deeper relationship with God. 

I am the author of The Lens of Love: A Fresh Perspective on Increasing Intimacy with God, Enhancing Relationships, and Discovering Contentment

This book made Amazon’s #1 New Release in two categories: Christian Counseling and China Historical Biography. 

It is a self-counseling in a book and helps many have better relationships and happiness. 

What people are saying about The Lens of Love

Healing Relationships Coaching

Healing Relationships are Required when there is

Endless Pursuit, Searching For More, Never Enough, Dissatisfied


Purposeful Living Coaching

Why should we live a purposeful life?

Personal and business success has a lot to do with their why (purpose).

We aim to challenge the status quo. We aim to think differently. – Apple
To connect millions of people in real life all over the world through a community marketplace– so that you can belong anywhere. – Airbnb

The survey indicates that 34% of people associate their purpose in life with happiness.


Life without Purpose

  • You are always tired, and work is a chore. 
  • You don’t feel connected to God and people.
  • You feel stuck with little hope of ever getting out of problems.
  • You are constantly fearful of what might happen. 
  • Your life does not seem to have significance.

Benefit of Living Purposeful Life

  • A purposeful person’s life is exciting.
  • You look forward to each day.
  • Everything seems to work in harmony because you are in the ‘flow.’
  • Your purpose guards your decisions and choices.
  • You are connected with God on your everyday life.


Take this questionnaire to determine if you live in line with your purpose. 

How do I start to live a purposeful life?

purposeful living
  1. Connection with God is the foundation of purposeful living. Take Relationships Assessment to discover your connections with God. 
  2. Do you know your “why”? Take this Purpose Questionnaire to see where you are regarding purpose.
  3. Your purpose is the anchor of your journey forward. It consists of ‘identity, calling, assignment, talents, and metron’. Click the button below to find more about discovering your purpose. 


You, your life, and your business are interconnected. One of the primary reasons for a life without purpose is disconnection from God, self, and others. With the relationship with God, self, and others, we can discover our purpose (identity, calling, assignment, talents, and sphere of influence) and reach God-given potential. 

Hi, I’m Wei Wei Chang, 

I help you connect with God, self, and others, step forward to purposeful living and reach your sweet spot. 


Healing Relationships Coaching

healing relationships

Want to live a life with confidence, power, and purpose instead of being separated from God? I can help.

Everything good starts with a healthy relationship with God, self, and others. 

Purposeful Living

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Tired of life without passion, direction, and purpose? Find out what’s holding you back and how to step towards purposeful living. 

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Thriving Business Coaching

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Are you living in your sweet spot? Find out how to discover your sweet spot, which is when four things are aligned: 1. what you love to do, 2. what you are good at, 3. what the world needs, 4. what you can be paid for.