imagine life coaching

Hi, I’m Wei Wei

I’m a published author. My first book The Lens of Love hit two Amazon’s #1 New Release in Christian Counseling and Historical China Biographies. 

I had a successful corporate career in a Fortune 500 company with various leadership positions. I quit my job in 2008 to be a homemaker, while pursued a deeper relationship with God and helped a lot of people to get healing and freedom from past hurts and wounds.

I founded Imagine Life in 2018. The mission of Imagine Life is to empower others to discover their God-given dreams and find fulfillment through an intimate relationship with God. I love seeing people live a life with peace, hope, and fulfillment because they partner with God, know their divine purpose, and how to tap into the power and resources of God. Here, they are at their Best…they become whole, achieve clarity, fulfill dreams, and influence the world with good. 

Through hearing God for my daily life, I tap into His unlimited resources, power, and strength. I want to help others to do the same:

Individuals wanting more clarity in their purpose and calling: you are wondering where to go and how to get to your God-given dreams.

Individuals looking for peace and fulfillment in family lives and receive generational blessings: you are tired of family conflicts, stuck in poverty, unsatisfying marriage, and watching your family suffer the same family issues from one generation to another. 

Professional and entrepreneurs desiring to partner with God to succeed: you strive to do all the right things and yet still there is not enough, you are ready for God to do the heavy lifting and be guided by Him for your work. 


The Imagine Life Fulfillment 4-Part Process

“The lovers of God who chase after righteousness will find all their dreams come true: an abundant life drenched with favor and a fountain that overflows with satisfaction.”

Proverbs 21:21 TPT


Whether you’re looking for life coaching or business consulting, I know of the secret of power, knowledge, and guidance – it all starts with an intimate relationship with God.  

Everyone who works with me gains clarity and learn the secret through The Lens of Love

You discover and fulfill your dreams through hearing God and co-creating with Him.

The Imagine Life Fulfillment 4 – Part process is a proven path that leads to my contentment and fulfillment. 

Life Coaching


This is the perfect faith-based life coaching program to get your life succeeding beyond anything you could dream of.

I teach you how to hear the voice of God, to know how he has called you, and how to step in boldly for true life transformation.

Coaching offered in 2 ways:

Small-Group Coaching/Workshop

1:1 Private Coaching


Our dreams at night are not just physical or psychological reactions to our daily lives. These serve as guiding posts for us to fulfill our God-given dreams in life. 

I teach you how to understand God’s guidance for your daily life through dreams. 

Coaching offered in 2 ways:

Small-Group Coaching/Workshop

1:1 Private Coaching


Adam walked with God inside the garden. We are called to walk inside of Jesus. By walking with Him in His ways led by the Spirit, we progress into the union with Him. 

I teach you how to understand His ways, and what it means by being led by the Spirit.

Coaching offered in 2 ways:

Small-Group Coaching/Workshop

1:1 Private Coaching


The success of leadership is measured by followers. A leader is not a leader when no one is willing to follow.  True leadership does not need a title or position to substantiate. 

I will teach you how to lead without a title and position, by aligning with God and allow His favor and anointing usher your influence. 

Coaching offered in 2 ways:

Small-Group coaching//Workshop

1:1 Private Coaching

Business Consulting

For a person, our success, prosperity and health has a lot to do with our soul (3 John 1:2). This may apply to a business figuratively. What is the ‘soul’ of a business?  The definition of soul is: the immaterial essence, animating principle, or actuating cause of an individual life.  A business has a soul – its essence, principles, and purpose. A good soul of a business is felt through its services, products, communication, and its employees satisfaction and creativity.  I help a business to diagnose the health of its soul and work with you to heal the soul of the business so that it can prosper. 


The essence of a business is what this business is about. The business is lack of clarity often times. 


There are many Godly principles of business in the Bible. Here is a list of a few Godly and ungodly principles:

1. Faith in God vs Faith in Self and People

2. Trust Him vs Self-reliance 

3. Integrity vs Dishonor

4. Diligence vs Laziness

5. Generosity vs Greed

6. Excellence vs Mediocre 


The purpose of a business is to answer why. Why do you do this business? You may have ‘why’ when you start a business. This ‘why’ will be tested and refined until it reaches pure motive.