I am a Transformational Coach, Ph.D., and Certified Breakthrough Life Coach, helping people fulfill dreams and thrive after a life-altering event.

I help Christians fulfill dreams and thrive with purpose after a life-altering event, through writing, transformational coaching, and blogging.

Grow Relationship with God with My Book: The Lens of Love

the lens of love

The Lens of Love is faith-based counseling that guides you to closer relationships with God, yourself, and others for greater joy and fulfillment. 

This book made Amazon’s #1 New Release in two categories: Christian Counseling and China Historical Biography. 

What people are saying about The Lens of Love

Coaching with Wei Wei

Transformational Coaching

What Are You Struggling With?

Transformational Coaching helps heal emotional pain, grow your relationship with God, discover purpose, and fulfill dreams after a life-altering event. 

Emotional Pain

You are held back by memories of past trauma, abuse, and hurt and can not move forward with your life. 


Being critical of others and yourself is a default. It is difficult to see goodness in your life. Life is not fun when you are discontent. 

Loss of Dreams

You are busy making it in life and have buried your dreams deep. You are wondering if the deepest desire of your heart would ever be fulfilled.

Lack of Purpose

Fatigue, disconnectedness, being stuck in a rut, fear, and feeling of insignificance, are signs of lack of purpose.


The transformational coaching programs are designed to get to the root causes of your struggles and equip you with tools and strategies to heal, dream and thrive with purpose.

Healing Relationships

healing relationships

This 12-week coaching course establishes your connection with God, and you receive emotional and spiritual healing with God.

Fulfill Your Dreams

fulfill your dreams with God

Want to fulfill your dreams? I will guide you to dream with God and follow this 4-step process to achieve your dreams. The ignited soul and joy of fulfillment await you on the other side. 

Thrive with Purpose

Thrive with Purpose

Are you tired of life without passion, direction, and purpose? This 6-step coaching program guides you to remove roadblocks and move forward with your purpose.

What My Clients Are Saying About Transformational Coaching

“I took Wei Wei’s coaching for transformative prayer and healing. Her coaching provided tools to help me better position myself to hear God’s voice while walking out my faith.”
Healing Relationships Coaching
Melissa Ray
“When I reached out to Wei Wei, I was looking for a way to tap into inner healing through prayer. She worked with several of us at one time. The Healing Relationships Course WAS POWERFUL, safe, and life-transforming.”
Niccie Kliegl
CLC, RN CEO of Fulfill Your Legacy
"Wei Wei’s coaching challenged me and stretched me. It also gave me the refresh that I needed. I had been stuck in this place and would have to pack my life up and move again to a new place. While I cannot pinpoint the exact moment, my overall experience helped me overcome my fear and hesitancy."
Maria Lautt 1
Annie Buckles
"During one of the coaching sessions, I was encouraged to spend ten minutes with God. I began to journal for the first time in my life. I felt a significant connection with God when I hear God’s voice: you now see and recognize me (God) when you see and recognize the small things in life."
Melody Willet
Melody Willet
Insurance Adjuster

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