How to Gain Clarity for a Successful Online Business

How to Gain Clarity for a Successful Online Business

After four years of trying to launch an online business, my coaching business finally started to take off.  Here are some valuable lessons I have learned in starting a successful online business and steps that I have taken to gain clarity.

I became a published author in 2020. Like many other authors, I desire to turn my book into different streams of income. I followed along different coaching assignments from my business coach. I released a website, developed a course and only discovered that what I had to offer could not reach to my ideal audience. You can imagine the frustration after all these hard work. As I continue to gain clarity on my writing and coaching framework, clients are slowly coming my way. 

Three Clarity Lessons

If you ask me about the secret of the success with attracting incoming clients, I can only say that I have learned it hard way, especially what not to do. It will save you a lot of time, energy and tears, and money if you learn something from these three lessons. 

Lesson #1. There is time for everything. 


A fruitful harvest comes after a season of plowing, sowing, and watering. Most of us desire to see results after a season of hard work. We get frustrated for not seeing the fruit. How can the seed you sow produce harvest without plowing the hard ground of prayerfully consider all aspects of a business? When I say prayerfully, because I am a Christ follower. Business is a spiritual experience. Therefore a spiritual experience needs to be dealt in a spiritual way.   

Knowing your customers is one of the most important factors for a successful online business.

The number one common mistake that new business owners make is to assume that our products will benefit somebody out there. You can have the most beautiful website and innovative products, but there is no business when these do not solve problems or meet the customers’ needs.

Lesson #2. Task-oriented approach without nailing down your target audience and ‘why’ will only lead to frustration. 

The majority of entrepreneurs are doers. They tend to invest in doing part (actions) of the business (building a website, creating a course, trying different strategies, running ads, etc.) and omitting the vital part of successful business: knowing and sticking with ‘why’ and ‘knowing and nurturing customers.’

Many people started by chasing products and strategies and focusing on tools. They may be prone to quit when their ‘why’ is only about ‘money,’ and the business is not producing sales after all doings. Again, there is no business when what you have created does not get to the customer or solve problems.

Lesson #3. A successful online business needs prosperous soul. 

Just like the Apostle John said in 3 John 1:2, “Beloved, I pray that in all respects you may prosper and be in good health, just as your soul prospers.” The prosperity of a business has a lot to do with its soul. Healing with God is a great program to position our souls for a thriving business.

Connecting with your future customers is the first step to avoiding these common mistakes. Believe it or not, doing market research and getting to know your customers requires humility. So many coaches assume superiority and believe that whatever they offer is the best for the customers. In reality, their coaching programs do not solve the problems for their customers. In my Thriving Business Coaching, I coach people on how to conduct market research and get in touch with their ideal customers for their product development.

Insight in Gaining Clarity

Here are the steps that I took to realize these valuable lessons. These can provide some insights on gaining clarity in your business. 

  1. Take time off to get a fresh perspective.
  2. Make space in life to hear God’s voice clearly for my business.
  3. Wait and watch for God’s leading for next steps.

Last year, it was a lot of doing with book marketing, building a brand, and making a website. This time around, I want to quit all my doing regarding my online business and let God show me what partnering with Him looks like.

Selah moments make space to reconnect with God’s ways.

The last time I took a Selah moment (be still and know that I am God) was more than 15 years ago. I quit doing and tried to find out if God loves me for who I am, not what I do. He showed me that He had never stopped loving me. That Selah moment sparked an intimate relationship with God and forever changed my faith journey.

A customer could come from an unexpected place.

While I was pausing my marketing efforts and waiting on God for His leading, a woman approached me at a local conference. She said: I want you to coach me on launching my coaching business. Then she handed me a small piece of paper torn from her notebook with her phone number. It was a bit surprising to me. We did not know each other.

Is it the time to hand over the marketing to God?

When we connected, I realized that partnering with God can be different from doing business in the world’s ways. This person approached me for business coaching without knowing me and seeing my website. God sent her my way. Some of my silver-haired friends tell me that God sends people to them. Their clients are all from referrals. There is such confidence and ease in their approach to ‘marketing.’

One of the gifts that God gives me is discernment. Among the multitude of world’s marketing strategies that I was learning. God shows me what is not working. I have discovered three common mistakes that new business owner makes that derail their business success.

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