8 Ways to Discover Your Life’s Purpose as a Christian

Life is less satisfying if you can barely drag yourself out of bed to drive to a job you don’t enjoy. Unfortunately, it’s easy to take a well-paying job that doesn’t seem so bad at first. The years pass, and you receive a promotion or two. You buy a house, have kids, and it appears that you’ll be stuck in that job forever. Even Christians are not immune to lifeless ‘rut’ sometimes.

We all want to live life’s purpose that fills our lives with excitement, motivation, and joy. The question is, how do you find your life’s purpose?

how to Find Your Lifes Purpose as a Christian

Reformed Church Press published this blog post, ‘What does the Bible Say About your purpose?‘ It lays out a 3-step process to find your purpose through reading and meditating on scriptures. For many, it is still very hard to find life’s purpose. Perhaps the number one reason is the lack of connection with God. You might consider the following blog to learn more about growing intimacy with God.

Life purpose is often tied to a role or calling that we have in life. Moses was a leader who delivered Israelites from Pharoah’s slavery; King David was a worshiper and King who ruled and reigned Isreal.

Finding your life’s purpose and earning a living from it is possible, even if you’re over 30. There’s still time!

8 ways to find your life’s purpose as a Christian.

8 ways to discover your life's purpose as a Christian


When people pray for you, what they hear from God can reveal your purpose.

Someone once prayed for me and said: I see you as a ‘kidney.’ I did some research and found the function of the kidney as filtration and detox. I felt that that was one of my purposes: filtration and detox in the body.

Publishing my book, the Lens of Love, fulfills my life’s purpose as a ‘kidney.’ This book helps filter and cleanse false beliefs and mindsets. It helps people draw closer to God.


This method can clarify our thoughts when we write them down. Take out a notebook and a pen. Write “my life’s purpose” at the top of the page, and start writing whatever comes into your mind.

  • There will be a lot of mental garbage until you get to the good stuff. Just keep writing until you’re done.
  • How will you know you’ve found it? You’ll cry or shout for joy when you’ve stumbled on something meaningful.

Childhood hobbies, dreams, and aspirations often reveal your purpose.

Did you want to be a doctor? An animal trainer? Have you ever heard a child state she wanted to sit in a cubicle all day and underwrite insurance? My husband loved maps and memorized each country’s capital as a child. His work and ministry involve nations and international business, and he loves what he is doing and makes a difference in his workplace and the Christian community.

Volunteer to serve others.

Engage in acts of service and seek opportunities to help those in need. You will start to see your purpose unfold when you serve others. It provides a glimpse into areas where your gifts and passions can make a difference.

Ask God.

Find a nice, quiet spot, preferably outdoors. Ask yourself, “What is my life’s purpose?” Listen to the answer you receive. Continue asking until you get an answer that resonates with you.

Your passions and talents bring you joy and fulfillment.

God often places desires and talents within us to fulfill a specific purpose. Reflect on what you are naturally drawn to and how you can use your gifts to serve others and glorify God.

Your night dreams.

In the Bible. Joseph’s dreams revealed his purpose as a leader/savior and saved his family from famine. Write down your night dreams and understand what God says about your purpose.

Work with a coach.

“What would really make you happy?” That was the question that my coach asked me 16 years ago. It was right after I got devastating news of demotion and faced uncertainty about my future. The answer to that coaching question fulfilled one of my purposes for being a mom and a wife. Check out ‘Thrive with Purpose’ Coaching!

Get out of the rut your life has become. Make today the day you determine the course of your life. It’s possible to live your life with passion and excited expectations. Do the work required to find your purpose? You’ll be glad you did.

Sometimes, discovering your life’s purpose is a journey that unfolds gradually over time. Be patient and trust in God’s timing. He will reveal His plans as you faithfully seek Him.

Remember, discovering your life’s purpose is an ongoing process. Stay connected to God, be open to His leading, and seek His wisdom in all areas of your life.

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