9 keys to fulfill your dreams with God

9 Keys to Fulfill Your Dreams with God

A good friend of mine asked me to summarize the process and keys to fulfilling dreams in my life. The three biggest desires of my heart are also my fulfilled dreams include

  1. finding a godly man as my husband and having a happy family;
  2. writing and publishing a book;
  3. having a business that transforms people’s lives.

Fulfilling dreams is not what we think or what others tell us: just going after it, and you will get it. As a Christian, fulfilling dreams have a lot to do with God, desires, and how we partner with God along the way to fulfill dreams. I have used these 9 keys to fulfill my dreams. Fulfilling dreams have a lot to do with God, our relationship with God, and our heart and soul, besides grits, perseverance, and resources.

9 Keys to Fulfill your dreams with God

Pay Attention to Your Desires 

In the Bible, King Solomon wrote in Proverbs 13:12 that “Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a desire fulfilled is a tree of life (NASB).” There are godly desires and evil desires. The godly desires are those God himself put in us. These desires come from God when we delight ourselves in the Lord (Psalm 37:4). The fulfillment of desire is a tree of life. The opposite is not a tree of life, or we could call it a ‘tree of death.’ We want life, not death. Jesus came to give us life and more abundant life (John 10:10). The questions to ourselves are: do I delight myself in the Lord? Is this desire from God or from myself?

Look to God to Fulfill Your Dreams

The number one dream fulfilled for me is “marrying a godly man and having a happy family.” The process was long, much longer than I expected. I tried every possible way to find a godly man: dating sites, matchmaking services, friend set-ups, etc. None has produced any results. Until one day, by the power of the Holy Spirit, I suddenly realized that I had not surrendered my choice of a future husband to God because of fear and distrust. Once I prayed to surrender,  I met my future husband in two months!

It is easy to lose hope when we are tired of waiting. It is essential to have a relationship with God to gain wisdom, hope, strength, and peace when our dreams have not appeared in reality yet. Healing Relationship Coaching can guide you to build a healthy and vibrant relationship with God.

Stay Humble to Fulfill Your Dreams

I grew up in a country that prized accomplishment and academic achievement. I had achieved a Ph.D. in economics and was awarded an executive leadership position at a Fortune 500 company. These achievements give me a false sense of importance, superiority, or pride. God opposes pride. My spirit desired a godly man as a husband. However, my soul was too prideful to behold a godly man for a happy marriage. Only after a demotion from my job was I humbled to look to God and humbled to behold a life-giving relationship. The demotion was the pivot point for God to fulfill my dream of marrying a godly man.

Pray to Fulfill Dreams

I talk to God a lot throughout the day. My prayer is my conversation with God. His gentle nudge and whisper kept me grounded from being emotional ups and downs. Besides my prayers, an older auntie committed to praying for my marriage every day. I connected with my future husband on the 40th day of her prayer. I wish I had known the power of praying the word of God then. Based on my many decades of praying, I have created this prayer template to help pray the word of God to fulfill your dreams.

Be Authentic YOU to Fulfill Your Dreams 

It takes courage to be who we are made for. Being authentic self is powerful and attractive and yet vulnerably risky. Being authentic means to strip off any accusations, condemnation, or judgment, especially self-inflicted ones; as we come to God nakedly and are known by God, we are covered by Jesus’s blood and protected by Him. God requires authenticity in our relationship with Him, as in 1 Corinthians 8:3 “but if anyone loves God, he is known by Him.” Healing Relationship Coaching helps us to strip off any masks that prevent us from knowing God or being known by God. Authenticity is the ingredient for Intimacy with God. God will lead those intimately with Him to their life fulfillment as in psalm 37:4 “Delight yourself in the LORD, And He will give you the desires of your heart.”

Engage in a Creative Project to Bring Your Dreams Come to Pass 

I desired to write a book in 2008. About ten years later, through a divine dream, I realized that it was time to write in 2018. Writing is a creative process. I do not consider myself to be creative. The writing process was difficult, and I attempted to quit a few times. Although English was not my first language, I published the lens of love in 2020. It was one of the most challenging, gratifying projects, as this book has helped many people. It gave me much clarity on who I am and my life purpose.

Scanning through my generational line, I see giants of hatred, injustice, hopelessness, and fear. Even after becoming a believer, I still see the giants roaming around in the land the Lord gives to our family line. These giants pose as window shades blocking us from seeing God as good, powerful, just, and trustworthy.

I discovered my purpose of recording God’s love and goodness while writing  The Lens of Love. I learned, “Love overcomes hatred, hope in Christ triumphs hopelessness, and faith in God casts away fear.” There is no justice outside of Jesus; true justice is with God.

The Thrive with Purpose is here to help if you desire to thrive with purpose.

Understand and Be Patient with the Timing  

We often forget the factor of timing in fulfilling our dreams. Timing is outside of our control. Sometimes, you do everything to fulfill your dreams, but nothing is coming to the horizon. We start to question if we were called to fulfill our dreams or if these dreams are from God. There is time for everything. Discerning God’s timing requires a close relationship with God and people who can speak into our lives. My husband has been the one who constantly reminds me to be patient when I am ready to throw towels. I am so thankful for his wisdom and encouragement.

Working Hard, Prepare Resources, and Support

We need to work hard, prepare financial resources and have a support system (family and friends) to cheer us on and pray for us, especially when things are not going smoothly or in our timeline. Writing a book and starting a business requires significant investment. We must be kind to ourselves if the projects are not moving as fast as we want. I check in with God frequently to see if I am on the right track. I believe that God put the desire in me and will help me fulfill my dreams.

Partner with God to Fulfill Your Dreams

There are tons of coaching to help people manifest their dreams. As believers, our journey to fulfill dreams is not meant to be alone. Most Christians do not know how to partner with God to fulfill their dreams. The ‘Fulfill Your Dreams’ Coaching guides you with a 4-step proven process to make your dreams come true. This 4-step process includes Godly desires, Connection with God, Character, and Partnership with God.

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