Wei Wei Chang


Do you struggle with your life purpose? Are you in your sweet spot? I can help you discover it.

Hi, I’m Wei Wei Chang. I help you connect with God, self, and others and step forward to purposeful living.

 My Ph.D. in Economics helped me climb the corporate ladder as a vice-president in Risk Management at a Fortune 500 company, but I found not much contentment in all these accomplishments. However, this background has taught me to spot what is and what is not working in any system. I found that the secret of contentment is in a deeper relationship with Our Creator and allowing Him to speak into our lives and careers.

For the past 12 years, I have helped hundreds of people to get emotional and spiritual healing by partnering with God. I felt called to extend God’s partnership to the marketplace.  

With my business background and experience freeing people from self-limiting beliefs, I  help individuals and small businesses partner with God to reach their God-given potential.

I look forward to helping you in your journey.