How to Have an Engaging Book Club in 6 Simple Steps

book club

Book Club is a great forum to promote your book and make meaningful impact on the readers.

  1. Pick a book that you love and a book that has helped you and you believe that this book can also help others.
  2. Find book club members. People love to grow together in a community where they have support for each other.
  3. Set some club guidelines to avoid distractions. Some guidelines include,
    • Come with a humble attitude of learning.
    • Believe that everyone has something to give.
    • Leave Q&A to the end and do not let the unrelative questions hijack the focus of each session of book club.
    • Assign the chapter reading ahead of time and everyone come prepared to give and to receive.
    • Pray for each other.
  4. Brainstorm discussion questions.

    • What was your favorite part of the book?

    • What was your least favorite?

    • Which chapter or story has stuck with you the most?

    • What did you think of the writing? Are there any standout sentences?

    • What changes did you make in your life as a result of reading this book?

    • Who else could benefit from reading this book?

    • What are some questions that you would like to ask the author?

  5. Set up logistics:
    • Where are you going to meet? The physical location or online?
    • When is the best time to meet?
  6. Solicit Feedbacks:
    • Ask for feedback (both positive and area of improvement) for the person who is leading the book club
    • Ask for the feedback (both positive and area of improvement) on the book and Author

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