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Creativity for Emotional Well-being

Creativity For Emotional Wellbeing

Happy month of June. This month’s focus is ‘creativity.’ I invite you to discover creativity with me.
I have not considered myself creative until I wrote and published my first book, The Lens of Love. The writing was unnatural and not easy, but it produced so much clarity and healing.
I see my husband, my daughters as being creative – they dance, sing, paint, and do sculpture and photography. I disqualify myself from being ‘creative’ because I do not do these commonly creative things. As I exam the scripture, I learn that every one of us is creative, and it is in our design. Some people are born with the skills to create, and some people have to work with the Holy Spirit to bring out the creativity buried deep inside them. I belong to the latter. In genesis 1:1-5, God creates with His word and His Spirit. The product of His creation is ‘good,’ and it separates light from darkness.
Do you consider yourself creative?
Is your creativity bringing light in the darkness?
Love to hear from you.
Wei Wei

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