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Father God’s delight in us solidify our self-worth

Do you experience or feel the delight of the Father God?
Genesis 1:31 says, “And God looked upon all that He had made, and indeed, it was very good.” So, after His creative work, God looked upon all that he had made and proclaimed that it was very good. So he delights in you and me, besides the heaven, the earth, and everything in it.
Do you feel His delight towards you? I often thoughts that perfectionism is an internal dial. It shows the degree or lack of satisfaction that we perceive from our creator. If we truly experience God’s satisfaction towards us, we will not need to change anything about us. How we see God’s delight (pleasure, satisfaction, happiness) towards us determines our view of self or self-worth. God’s delight satisfies us, affirms our identity, and solidifies our self-worth.
When I was in middle school, my mom was away from home to get further training as a Physician. My dad was busy with work, and he was gone the whole day. I attended school and fed two pigs, and dozens of chickens, and myself. My mom praised me in front of her co-workers: my daughter was capable and looked after our entire household! I felt the delight and gratification from my mom. I lifted my head high and said to myself: ‘Yes, I am a capable teenager.’
Some people experience delight from their parents. Those are blessed ones. Many don’t. What do they do if they have never experienced the delight from their parents? We tend to project our earthly experience unto that with the heavenly Father. Is it possible to bypass the displeasure, inadequacy, or never measuring up that we feel in our lives and experience the delight of the Father God? How?
Here are three steps for experiencing the delight of the heavenly Father:
1. Take delight in God and God’s ways
2. Take delight in our family members and others
3. Take delight in the work of our hands
Taking delight means stopping the busyness, appreciate the work that God, we and others have done, express satisfaction and gratitude, and give words of affirmation.
My takeaway is to appreciate the book that I published. Thank you, God, for writing through me, for allowing my dream of writing a book to come true.

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