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Free 1:1 Healing Relationships Coaching
(30 Minutes)

Are you struggling with fear, anxiety, dissatisfying relationships with God, others, and self? Book a free coaching session with me towards healing relationships. You will 

  • gain clarity on root issues
  • map out the desired level of relationships (with God, self, and others) 
  • walk away with action steps to heal relationships

1:1 Healing through Writing Coaching
(30 Minutes)

Writing creates clarity. I experienced emotional and spiritual healing through writing.  In this session, I will coach you

  • write to express your deep emotions
  • identify toxic emotions such as bitterness, unforgiveness, hate from your writing
  • release toxic emotions through forgiveness

1:1 Healing from Your Dreams Coaching
(45 Minutes)

Everyone dreams. Often, dreams give clues to the root causes of the relationship issues. Do you understand your night dreams and receive heavenly wisdom for your daily life from your dreams? You can use this session to

  • share your night dreams. 
  • receive coaching to understand your dreams
  • gain insights and guidance on healing relationships 

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  • Healing from Dreams COACHING Session (45 min)
  • Healing through Writing COACHING Session (30 Min)