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Fulfillment Starts with Making Room For a Relationship with God

Delighting yourself in the Lord starts with making room for a relationship with God.


Author Rachel Wojo said the following about emptiness: “When you feel empty, it’s like a piece of your soul is missing…Sometimes the emptiness comes from feeling unfulfilled in our goals or dreams.”


Even though my career was going well yet, I felt something was missing. I longed for a family of my own. In my late 30s, I would be considered an “old maid” according to my Chinese culture. It seemed that all my friends and colleagues had already found their life partners. Many told me that: most men would be intimidated by single women like me: strong faith and high academic accomplishment. The more I pursue God, the smaller a circle of men would be interested in me.


When my career suddenly hit a rock, I did not know what to do. I went to see an executive coach and hoped that he could help me sort out the next steps. After much effort to affirm my abilities, he realized that his affirmations did not cast out the doubt. He then asked me a question: what would make you happy? I thought about it: I had a successful career, it did not bring ultimate fulfillment. I told him: I want a family of my own and have children of my own. It was a significant statement of my heart’s desire. It seemed that the universe was waiting for this heart desire to be expressed. As soon as I said it, God orchestrated everything to make this desire of mine fulfilled. Shortly after this, I met my husband through local outreach. The rest is history.


I had the desire for a family of mine own all along. The unexpected setback at my work made space for God and family relationships. Connecting with God more profoundly was the first step for my life fulfillment (having my own family).


Do you feel unfulfilled in your goals and dreams? It is time to engage God as your life coach or find a faith-based life coach. Making room for a relationship with God is a start in delighting yourself in the Lord (Psalm 37:4). Imagine life will be releasing a life fulfillment coaching program in November. Would you please check out Healing Relationship Coaching

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