generational mandate

Discovering your generational mandate is the first step to fulfillment

I wrote a book to fulfill my generational mandate

What is your generational mandate?
What is the land that the Lord has called your generation to possess?
Scanning through my generational line, I see giants of hatred, injustice, hopelessness, and fear. Even after I become a believer, I still see the giants roaming around in the land that the Lord gives to our family line. These giants pose as window shades blocking us from seeing God as good, powerful, just, and trustworthy.
By the mercy of God, little by little, the window shades were lifted so that we can see God as who He is. Compelled by His love, I see and pick up the generational mandate of knowing and remembering His goodness for the generations to come. Writing a book to record (The Lens of Love) what He did in me and through me is one way to fulfill this generational mandate.
I am learning that “Love overcomes hatred, hope in Christ triumphs hopelessness, faith in God casts away fear.” There is no justice outside of Jesus and true justice is with God.
What would you do to fulfill your generational mandate?
Blessings, Wei Wei

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