Healing Relationships 7

Signs of Broken Relationships:

Endless Pursuit, Searching For More, Never Enough, Discontent

I Have Been There, And I Can Help

Life was good...


But, I still longed...


My world flipped...

empty to fulfillment 1

I lost myself ...

empty to fulfillment 4

God loves me only if ...

hear Gods voice 4

I hear to heal ...

hear Gods voice 5

Help others heal...

empty to fulfillment 5

Equip people to ...

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How the Healing Relationships Program Works

hear Gods voice 6
number 1 Hearing God’s voice in daily life set up the firm foundation for a relationship with God. 
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number 2 Receive healing relationships so that you have room to behold all that God has purposed you.  
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number 3 Cultivating a lifestyle of partnering with God to fulfill your life purpose.

What If I Can’t Hear The Voice of God to Receive Healing Relationships?

My book, The Lens of Love helps identify and remove the hindrances in hearing God's voice.

The Lens of Love (Original Lens) is the original package that comes with our creation. This original lens has become faulty, tainted, and distorted since the fall in the garden. The Holy Spirit helps us uncover and remove the taints on our lenses so that we can see and hear with clarity and return to the Lens of Love.

The Lens of Love will shift your perspective. You will see God, self, and others with a new vision that allows you to hear God, be closer to Him, and make peace with yourself and others. 

Two sets of lenses

Identify and remove tainted lenses through which you see God, self, and others.

Receive emotional and spiritual healing.

Hear God’s voice.  

Reconnect with God more deeply so you can experience fulfillment.

Reframe your world so that you can live free of fear and judgment.

How is Healing Relationships Group Coaching Different?

Healing Relationships is an INTEGRATED COACHING that touches hearing God for clarity, healing past to get unstuck. Hearing and healing go hand in hand. As your coach, I come along your side to empower you to connect with God directly to receive healing relationships through hearing God’s voice. It is my great joy to see you walk out of your healing with God and position yourself to step into His purpose for your life. That is what makes this Healing Relationships Coaching stand out!

More About the Healing Relationships Program

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PART 1 - Hearing God's Voice


Purpose of Hearing God


♦Establish the foundation for healing through hearing.

♦Understand why we need to hear God’s voice.

♦Increase godly wisdom by seeking Him in everyday life.


Discern God's Voice

hear Gods voice images

♦Dispel misconceptions of hearing God.

♦Increase discernment to hear God more clearly.

♦Learn to practice hearing God in everyday life.


Language of God

3 1

♦Discover many ways of God’s speaking

♦Identify some of the ways that you hear God.

♦Expand the ways of hearing God by taking risks.


Hear God for Self & Others

4 2

♦Discern the similarities and differences in hearing God for self vs. for others.

♦Avoid common pitfalls in hearing God for self vs. for others.


Remove Hindrances

5 2

♦Understand eight common blockers in hearing God’s voice.

♦Identify hindrances in your hearing.

♦Remove the blockers to increase clarity.


Lifestyle of Hearing God

♦Practice these five steps in our daily lives to develop a lifestyle of hearing God’s voice.
♦Join our community of Healing Relationships to grow to hear more clearly.

PART 2 - Healing with God




♦Foundation #1 Purposes of inner healing

♦Foundation #2 Sanctified imagination & Activation

♦Foundation #3 Body, Soul, and Spirit  


Follow the Holy Spirit

imagination 4

♦Seek to be led by the Holy Spirit 

♦Hear and discern the voice of God

♦Obey and take actions 

♦Check the fruit and subject to the Master’s pruning


Journaling &

imagination 5

♦Benefits of journaling

♦Method of journaling for hearing God

♦Prayers (confessions, repentance, forgiveness, align with God) 



healing with God 1

♦Who is on the throne

♦Divided vs. undivided heart

♦Heal the heart wounds 


Generational Patterns

hear Gods voice 3

♦Recognize godly and ungodly generational patterns 

♦Break ungodly patterns and embrace godly patterns 

♦Interceed for your generational line


Responses & Triggers


♦Identify the need for inner healing from your negative responses & triggers

♦Go to God for healing

♦Receive healing with divine exchanges 


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Healing Relationships

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Wei Wei is a compassionate lady who has empathy for those around her. She has a passion for seeing people be set free from the strongholds that keep them from living the full potential God has purposed for their lives. The Healing Relationships Coaching Courses are very eye-opening and healing to the soul. 
Living Legacy Coach

“When I reached out to Wei Wei I was looking for a way to tap into inner healing through prayer. She worked with several of us all at one time. The Healing Relationships Course WAS POWERFUL, safe, and life-transforming.”

Niccie Kliegl, CLC, RN 
CEO of Fulfill Your Legacy

“I took the Healing Relationships coaching program from Wei Wei of Imagine Life for transformative prayer and healing. Their training provided tools to help me better position myself to hear God’s voice while walking out my faith.”

Melissa Ray
Author, The Fence Post
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When I reached out to Wei Wei, I struggled to hear God’s plan for me. Her program Healing Relationships opened my eyes and ears and encouraged me to walk in my faith. This program was life-transforming. I now know how to listen to God’s voice and understand His plan for my life.

Monika Polefka-Proulx
Author, Speaker, and Coach