Hear God through Circumstance with 3 Good Reasons

Hear God’s voice through your circumstance with 3 good reasons

Do you believe that God speaks through our circumstances? You will find out only if you dare to ask God. His answer may surprise you.

This story is from my book, The Lens of Love.

In 2016, my smartphone fell into the water during my daughter’s school outing in Hong Kong.

My husband gave me his old smartphone to use while trying to figure out ways to salvage my baptized one.

I couldn’t locate the loaned black smartphone two weeks later after dropping off my daughter at school. I panicked and searched everywhere—retracing my steps upstairs and downstairs, up and down the path to school several times—and flipped my handbag again and again, but the loaned smartphone was gone. I filed a police report and didn’t hear anything back. My heart was racing. How could I lose another phone after dropping one in the water? Anxiety filled my heart and my mind. A new smartphone costs thousands of Hong Kong dollars at that time.

After hours and days of agonizing, I finally decided to ask God about these incidents. What I heard shocked me. “Both phones are registered under your husband’s name. You have relied on your husband to hear God’s voice.” I was immediately convicted. I repented relying on my husband to hear God’s voice and asked Him to help me go to God directly.

This experience taught me to ask God through unusual circumstances and three good reasons to hear God’s voice through your circumstance.

Reason #1 God’s voice changes lives.

After hearing God’s voice, I repented my ways, and I was in complete peace with the loss of two smartphones.

Before these incidents, I did not believe that God speaks to me through circumstances. I rarely asked Him. With this unforgettable experience, I started to ask God to show me His perspective on my circumstances.

Reason #2 God desires us to ask Him.

Prophet Jeremiah said in Jeremiah 33:3, ‘Call to Me and I will answer you, and I will tell you great and mighty things, which you do not know.’

Reason #3 Ask God for His perspective to honor Him.

We often talked about honoring God. Asking God for His perspective in our daily lives is to honor God.

Hearing God’s voice in your daily circumstances is one of many ways of hearing His voice. If you desire to learn more about hearing God’s voice and having a relationship with God, please check out the Healing Relationships Coaching.

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