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An Intimate Relationship Requires Seeing Up Close. The Clarity of Our Spiritual Lenses Determines our Vision. Are You Ready to Find Out Health Level of  Your Spiritual Vision? 
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Wei Wei Chang

Wei Wei Chang is the founder of Imagine Life Coaching LLC. Through her writing, coaching, and speaking, she helps individuals find fulfillment through an intimate relationship with God. For many years, Wei Wei struggled to find her voice and purpose. She emigrated from China to the United States as a young student, where she gained a Ph.D. in Economics. After a successful corporate career at a Fortune 500 company, Chang chose to follow a new and different path towards a deeper relationship with God. Over the past ten years, she has helped many people to experience freedom through inner healing. Wei Wei lives in Arizona with her husband, Steve, and two daughters.

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You are content when you know who you really are, and the outside you match the inside you without fear.  


When you know your purpose in life, you no longer live for survival.


There are many ways to Rome; only the pathways guided by the Holy Spirit will guide you to a secure and broader place. 

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Know who you are

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Know where you are going

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Know how to get there

Work with Me

Private Coaching:

Group Coaching: 

  • Identify and replace the tainted “lenses” with the lens of love for greater clarity in seeing God, self, and others.

Corporate Coaching:

  • Transforming work-life by partnering with God for peace, significance, and fulfillment.
The Lens of Love Coaching