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Inner Healing

Psalm 30:2 and Inner Healing

What is inner healing?

Inner healing is the healing of our inner self. One day, when our spirit returns to God, and our body goes back to the soil, and our inner self still lives if we believe that Jesus is our Lord, He died for my sins and came to save us. The inner healing is the sanctification process through the Holy Spirit till we see God face to face.

This week’s verse is Psalm 30:2 “O Lord, my God, I cried out to you for help. You have healed me.” Psalm 30:2 is a powerful verse for inner healing. Healing comes with the following six steps:

1. Reverence and recognize that God is a source of healing.
2. Cry out to God for His help.
3. Believe that it is God’s will for healing.
4. He can heal.
5. God has already provided the healing through Jesus.
6. We appropriate His healing into our lives by faith.

King David wrote Psalms. There is a total of 150 Psalms.

We all know that King David wrote Psalms. The healing in this verse is about inner emotional, and spiritual healing or healing of the soul (inner self) as in Psalms 84:2 “My soul (my life, my inner self) longs for and greatly desires the courts of the Lord; My heart and my flesh sing for joy to the living God.”

King David suffered rejection:
King David was not the favorite in his household – you can tell from Prophet Samael anoint his brothers, and the family gathering did not include him. He was shepherding the sheep when the prophet Samuel came to his house.

King David suffered persecution, hate, and jealousy:
King Saul persecuted him. King Saul was jealous of him and wanted to kill him. He ran like a refugee.

King David’s destiny and purpose were delayed:
He was anointed to be king and could not be in the position of the king.

King David sinned:
He has sinned – he had someone killed to get his wife.

King David’s family was a mess (sexual sins in his life, his sons’ live, daughter being raped, his son rebelled against him.)

We can see his tears, bitterness, anxiety, anger, depression through his songs. He needs a lot of inner healing, and He got the healing from God. A healed heart is shown by him not killing Saul when he had the opportunity. He did not revenge for Saul’s hatred, jealousy, and persecution. Instead, he spared Saul’s life, again and again, which was the manifestation of the healed heart.

How did He get healed?

He is completely open and vulnerable to God.
He repented from his sins. He received forgiveness from God (Psalms 51:10).
He praised and worshiped God (Psalms 84:10).
He asked God to teach him to do His will.
He cried out to God for deliverance.

Throughout the entire Psalms, King David kept his heart towards God with the following attitudes:

 He gives thanks
 He trusts God
 He fears God
 He trusted God’s justice
 He knows God
 He experiences God
 He is a man after God’s own heart.
 He never let go of God. He had an intimate relationship with God.

We can all identify with King David in his rejection, persecution, injustice, hatred, jealousy, personal sins, and family mess. Like King David, we can receive healing from God when we are open and honest with God when we cry out to God for help when we praise and worship despite our difficulties.

I have friends who receive their inner healing through praise and worship. That is so awesome.

For me, I have gone through different paths, and I’m content with the path that I’ve gone through. I went through inner healing in several places, from Elijah house to IHOP, to Bethel. God deposited something in me when I received the prayer of healing. Through this journey that I have a deep desire in my heart to help others. As I overcame the wounds from the past and my church equipped me and trained me to be part of the transformation team, I started to help other people. For the past decade, along with my husband, we have helped many people to get emotional and spiritual healing and receive freedom.

I want to share another example: a young couple who were newly married desired to be doing mission work in another country. We sit down with this young couple individually. We prayed with each to renounce lies, break off some generational pattern of iniquities, repent sins, and forgive as the Holy Spirit led. They encountered God in a fresh new way, and they were able to connect with God more than before. We rejoice with them. They went on their way to a new country. More than one and half years later, we heard that they had a baby. We knew that it was a miracle. The husband was sterile, and they were not able to conceive. Through inner healing prayers, they got healed the soul, spirit, and body.
I’m so thankful to God for what He does and to each one of us. I hope you gain some awareness on inner healing: through King David’s life journey of receiving inner healing from God or stories of my or others who received inner healing from the inner healing ministry. God bless you.

Psalm 30:2 is a powerful verse for inner healing. I created memory cards to help memorize and meditate Psalm 30:2. 

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Wei Wei


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