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Overcome Fear through God’s Adoption

Overcome Fear through God’s Adoption Romans 8:15

Fear enslaves people. If we live in fear, we live in bondage. In my Wednesday video, I shared that one of the foundational reasons for fear is that we lost our identity as a child of God.
With fear, we become like orphans and think and act like orphans. We have no one to trust but rely on ourselves. We are cut off from our life sources: provision, protection, and affirmation. Even after we have decided to follow Jesus, some of us still find it difficult to trust God and rely on Him fully.
I am thankful for Romans 8:15. God has already provided for us: to cry out to Him, Abba Father, to run to HIM as the prodigal son. He has been waiting to feed us, to robe us, to put a signet ring on us.
Thank you, God, for your great love for us through the Spirit of adoption! Would you join me to cry out to God, Abba Father, until our spirit bears witness to the Spirit of adoption and until there is no fear left? #healingcoach #overcomefear #healingwounds #emotionalhealth #emotionalhealthcoach #GodsChild #godspromise
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