thrive with purpose

Find out what’s holding you back and live a life of purpose and fruitfulness?

Let me give you professional feedback. You’ll receive:

  • a detailed list of the problems with steps to purposeful living
  • actionable solutions for each of them

…so that your skills and talents are used to produce fruit that benefit you and those who are around you.  

Who is this purposeful living review for?

  • Individuals
  • One-person brands and freelancers: authors, coaches, consultants, etc.
  • Entrepreneurs

How does it work?

Request a purposeful living review

Use the contact form at the bottom to request a purposeful living review. You will also need to take the Purpose Questionnaire. I will look at your assessment and come back to you to discuss the scope.

I usually respond within 24 hours.

We discuss the scope.

The standard scope for the purposeful living review includes your ‘Purpose’ + two steps of your choice (connection with God, identity, roadblocks, dreams, and influence).

If you want me to review more steps, we can include them in the scope so that you get feedback on all steps important to your life.

I send you a questionnaire.

To make sure my purpose coaching is as valuable for you as possible, I’ll send you a questionnaire to learn more about your identity, mindset, values, and choices.

I review your steps to purposeful living in detail

I’ll assess each step based on the following points:

  • How well do your I AM statement and PURPOSE statement guide your life? 
  • Do these provide clarity, energy, and guardrail to your daily choices and decisions?
  • Is it clear?
  • Is website design getting in the way of your message?

Your purposeful living review will be ready in 3-5 working days.


What does this purposeful living review include?

A detailed review of your purposeful living:
  • Who I am (identity)
  • Why am I here? (Purpose) 
  • Where am I most effective in influencing (metron)
Actionable suggestions on how to align your purpose with your living:
  • Identity shift 
  • Discover your purpose 
  • …or reach any other goals you’d like to achieve.
  • video purposeful living review (at least 90 minutes)
  • written report that summarizes the improvement suggestions for each step (optional)

How much does it cost?

The one-time fee for the purposeful living review depends on:

  • your connection with God
  • the number of steps you’d like me to review
  • additional deliverables, like a written report

Here are the approximate fees:

Basic website purposeful living review package (3 steps)
  • detailed video review of your purpose + two steps of your choice
  • additional Q&A round via email

Video duration: about 90 minutes

Your investment:

  • One time fee: from USD 400
Extended purposeful living review package
  • detailed video review of your purpose + two steps of your choice
  • each added step ($100)
  • written report (PDF, about 10 pages)
  • additional Q&A round via email

Your investment: from USD 500

Purpose Packages

Send a Request for Purposeful Living Review
Non binding request for purposeful living review