Remember Rev. Jack Chow

Rev. Jack Chow and Mrs. Chow
We all experienced losses in some forms. Rev. Jack Chow, whom I respect deeply, went to be with the Lord due to covid-19. His believed wife, Mrs. Chow followed him to be with the Lord two weeks later.
Establishing the JMI (Jesus Ministries International) team in 2006, Rev. Chow held inner life courses in North America, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, and Mainland China.
Chow once explained in his article: “In short, building inner life is to let Christ live in us, so we can live like him. Having an intimate relationship with God, we can communicate and unite with Him spiritually. It is just like the connection between a vine and its branches. If the branches are connected to the tree and absorb the juice of the tree, they will naturally bear more fruit. “
In 2007, I attended an Inner Life retreat in Dallas, Texas. Rev. Jack Chow organized and led the retreat. I had this unusual experience with the Holy Spirit. It was a retreat where we spent a lot of time praising and worshipping God and a lot of time waiting together quietly upon the Lord. We converse with the King Jesus, who lives inside of us. As we wait upon the Lord, an amazing transformation occurs. I had always had a terrible fear that if I let God choose a husband for me, He would make me marry a pastor and then send both of us as missionaries to Africa.
Deep down in my heart, I didn’t trust God to choose the best person for me—He was only interested in making me suffer like Jesus. Therefore, I had taken this matter into my hand – I had a list. I wanted to decide who would be my future husband.
At the Inner Life Conference in May 2007, I couldn’t sing the hymn that was so familiar to me: All to Jesus, I surrender, All to Him, All to Him I freely give. I will ever love and trust Him. Tears streamed down my face as the conviction of not fully surrendering to God hit me, especially in my future husband’s choice. On the flight back home, I repented and surrendered my pick of a future husband to him. After I prayed, I lost the fear of being sent away to Africa.
About two months after this retreat, I met my future husband, and the rest is history.
In 2008, I brought my family to Dallas, Texas, to meet with Rev. Jack Chow. He praised God for the blessing of a family that God had bestowed on me after surrendering to Christ in me.
In 2009, we met Rev. Chow and Mrs. Chow in Shanghai. Again, we met him and Mrs. Chow in Hong Kong in 2015. That was the last time when I saw him. He was into his eighties and continued to travel worldwide to lead people into an intimate relationship with Jesus. Miss Chow has accompanied him to all the places. She has been a faithful intercessor for Rev. Chow. They are a couple who behold love and exude the love of Christ for each other and to others. They have spent well their lives for Jesus. I will remember them always until I see them face to face one day.
Rev. Chow also inspired me to write. He asked attendees to turn in their testimonies of encountering God. He made a book with all of our testimonies. I still have this book of testimonies on my bookshelf. Rev. Chow his teaching and life messages have affected my life. My book the Lens of Love records much of my experience in an intimate relationship with God. Thank you, Rev. Chow, and enjoy your time face to face with the Father and Jesus in Heaven.

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