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    The Lens of Love (eBook)


    With just one-click, you can download The Lens of Love eBook from Amazon.

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  • author signed hardback

    Author Signed Paperback Exclusive


    Author-signed paperback for the Lens of Love, is exclusively available at this site. You will gain a fresh perspective in your relationship with God, self, and others. This book will help you to increase intimacy with God. You will no longer struggle with the performance mindset and learn to trust God for contentment. You are able to love God with all your heart, your mind when the taints on your spiritual lenses are removed.

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  • author signed hardback

    Author Signed Hardback Exclusive


    Buy this author signed hardback exclusively here. It is a beautiful display of The Lens of Love from inside and out.

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    Individual Coaching


    In this individual coaching, you will receive customized coaching in dealing with relationship issues (with God, self, and others).

    Duration: 45 MIN

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  • the Lens of love

    The Lens of Love Coaching Program


    The Lens of Love Coaching Program is based on the book ‘The Lens of Love: A Fresh Perspective on Increasing Intimacy with God, Enhancing Relationships, and Discovering Contentment”.

    Duration: 8 sessions, each session is 45 MIN

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    Workplace Coaching Package


    Workplace coaching is designed for professional who desires to walk out the Biblical principle and knowledge in the workplace. Work does not have to be a never-ending rat race. It shouldn’t have cost your health and soul to get ahead. There is a better way, that is to partner with God in your workplace.

    Duration: 6 months, weekly session, each session is 45 MIN

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