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Tainted Lenses

Tainted Lenses Assessment

Welcome to Tainted Lenses Assessment

An intimate relationship requires seeing up close. Our relationship with God, self, and others depends on the clarity of our spiritual lenses. The Tainted Lenses Assessment is designed to help you assess the tainted lenses that hinder your relationships. Please answer the thirty questions with a number between 1 and 101 being the lowest score, and 10 being the highest. For example, for the first statement, “I am a victim of my circumstance”, your response of 1 would mean you strongly disagree (that is, “I am not a victim”); 5 would mean you are indifferent (that is, “Sometimes or in some areas of my life, I am a victim, while at other times or in other areas of my life, I am not a victim”); 10 would mean you strongly agree (“Yes, I am a victim”). If your total score for the thirty questions is 50 or higher, you may want to deal with your tainted lenses to clarify your vision to see God, yourself, and others with a fresh perspective. You can find the tainted lenses assessment in Wei Wei Chang’s book, The Lens of Love 

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