the lens of love

The Lens of Love: A Fresh Perspective on Increasing Intimacy with God, Enhancing Relationships, and Discovering Contentment

By Wei Wei Chang (Author), Mark Geppert (Foreword)

the lens of love book review


Your guidebook to restore your identity as a child of God and prosper in all your relationships.

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Do You Have a Healthy View of God, Self, and Others? Your View Affects Your Relationships!

Find How Healthy (Biblical) Your View on God, Self, and Other is by Taking the Tainted Lenses Assessment.

The Lens of Love, Hit Amazon #1 New Release in Two Categories


I hear people not only read it once but several times, even if they put it down, somehow, they are reminded to pick it up again till they finish it (true story!)

the lens of love amazon review
the lens of love amazon review
the lens of love amazon review
This book is for you if you’re...
  • A person struggles with fear, anxiety, discontentment and desires more satisfaction, joy, and purpose in life. You will learn to identify and remove the tainted lenses that sabotage your happiness and peace and connect with God for fulfillment. 
  • A person struggles with low self-esteem and feels defeated by past failures and the negative voices in your head. You will learn to see yourself as God sees you as a child of God. 
  • A Christian feels hopeless and lets the world affect your emotional well-being and desire to stand on solid ground. You will learn to see God as who He is and people as God sees them so that you can live free of fear and judgment.
  • A Christian therapist, prayer minister, or counselor is looking for tools to guide your clients in emotional and spiritual healing. You will receive a straightforward guidebook on how to set people free from bondage by the power of God. 
  • A church pastor counsels broken people who view their world through “lenses” tainted by emotional scars from your past. You will learn how to walk with the person with keys and steps to break off the toxic effects of the past and move forward. 
  • A small group leader desires to lead people into a deeper walk with God. You will use this book for devotional and Bible study materials.
  • A faith-based coach wants to help people with an identity crisis. You can use this book to coach your client to hear God’s voice to secure their identity as a child of God. Check out my coaching course based on this book. 
This book is the fulfillment of the prayers and prophecy

The Lens of Love is Wei Wei Chang’s first book. Wei Wei has always dreamed of writing books. More than ten years ago, a friend prayed for her and said that Wei Wei would write a book to help fellow believers. In 2017, another pastor friend prophesied that Wei Wei would write a book for God’s children.

At the beginning of 2019, Wei Wei was seeking clarity for her business. She had a dream about attending a writing class. In January 2019, Wei Wei joined a paid writing and publishing program. In Nov. 2020, she published The Lens of Love, and this is the fulfillment of the prayers and prophecy.

The Lens of Love hit two categories of Amazon’s #1 New Release: Christian Counseling and Historical China Biographies. 


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Podcast Interview

Check Out The Podcast Interview Titled “Life Through The Lens of Love” with Valeria Teles at Fit For Joy.

Wei Wei Chang

About the Author

Wei Wei Chang is the founder of Imagine Life. She helps Christians fulfill their dreams and thrive with purpose after a life-altering event. Wei Wei gave up a successful corporate executive career for purposeful homemaking. She is a published author and transformational coach. When she is not working, she loves to bake and hike with her family.

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