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The Lens of Love is Wei Wei Chang’s first book. Wei Wei has always dreamed of writing books. More than ten years ago, a friend prayed for her and said that Wei Wei would write a book to help fellow believers. In 2017, another pastor friend prayed for her and said Wei Wei would write a book for God’s children. At the beginning of 2019, Wei Wei was seeking clarity for her business. She had a dream about attending a class and learning to write. In January 2019, Wei Wei joined a paid writing and publishing program. In Nov. 2020, she published her first non-fiction book, The Lens of Love, and this is the fulfillment of the prayers and prophecy. The Lens of Love hit two categories of Amazon’s #1 New Release: Christian Counseling and Historical China Biographies. 

Amazon #1 New Release in Christian Counseling

the lens of love

Amazon #1 New Release in Historical China Biographies

Amazon's #1 New Release


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I heartily recommend The Lens of Love by author, Wei Wei Chang. She is a wonderful person who lives and practices the material in this book. She has been inspirational to many, many people in our congregation, and because of the freedom she describes and teaches in this book, many people have been healed and delivered in our church. The news has spread, and Wei Wei and her husband, Steve, have helped many people from other churches in the Phoenix area. I don’t hesitate to say that as it was for Wei Wei, so it can be for you—life-changing!

Thomas Alexander, Senior Pastor, Two Rivers Church, Gilbert, Arizona

Wei Wei’s incredible story of working her way through a heartbreaking demotion from an executive position in a major corporation shows how God can take adversity in life and use it to change you for the better. Wei Wei’s transparent journey teaches you how to identify and remove tainted lenses of endless striving for significance to enter into God’s rest and success. Her story will lead you to greater clarity of God’s unique plan for your life. This book is honest and motivating. It will change your life.

Hal and Cheryl Sacks, Co-founders, BridgeBuilders International Leadership Network, Phoenix, Arizona

Cheryl Sacks, author of Prayer Saturated Church; Prayer Saturated Family; and Prayer Saturated Kids

Wei Wei and her husband have always been such a precious gift from the Lord to our church family, bringing restoration and breakthrough to many through their inner healing ministry. In her new book, The Lens of Love, Wei reveals some of the most intimate and vulnerable places of her heart and story, where you get to witness how God redeems her whole family line from hatred and fear in such a powerful way! In the process, you will receive life-giving keys to reframe your own past and to reconnect with God, your community, and your destiny. I highly recommend The Lens of Love to anyone who desires to engage more freely and more fully in God’s great end-time work!

Pastor Jason Young, Founding Pastor & Urban Missionary, Roundtable Church, Hong Kong

I have been friends with Wei Wei and Steve and their family for many years, and we have ministered together, doing missions. They bring inner healing and transformation to the world around them. The Lens of Love by Wei Wei Chang reveals areas that could be holding us back from thriving in God’s purposes or understanding His love and good plans for us. It provides powerful insights and real-life lessons towards a transformation that Wei Wei has personally experienced in her own life. I believe that this book can bless and transform lives on a greater scale!

Jeff Yuen, Founder and Senior Pastor, Soakability Church, Singapore

Author of Presence-Driven Donkeys: Bringing Christ to the Streets

Information without application is just information, but information plus application leads to transformation. The information we have gathered from The Lens of Love has deeply filled us. The application from this book has opened our eyes to transfigure the world around us gloriously. The ministry that I serve has grown supernaturally over the past ten years and has remained healthy, largely in part to the ministry we have received from author, Wei Wei Chang and The Lens of Love.

Rev. Matthew H. Geppert, President of South East Asia Prayer Center, Pittsburgh

I am so excited to endorse my dear friend Wei Wei’s new book, The Lens of Love. In this dynamic story, Wei Wei takes you along on her own journey of leaving behind the lenses of shame and pain that had defined so much of her early life. She began to see who she really is: a daughter who is loved deeply by God. This led her to see others differently as well. Through her life story, she leads us along the path toward freedom. You will realize that seeing with new lenses helps heal the brokenness that has long defined our lives. Wei Wei’s book paints a picture of possibility to see a world captured by the love of Jesus. Read The Lens of Love, and you’ll begin to live loved and to live love.

Rev. Daniel L. Black, Director of Love Fest Global, Hong Kong