Thrive with Purpose after a Life-Altering Event

thrive with purpose

To Christians Who are in Transition and Desire to Connect with God for Clarity in Purpose and Guidance in Next Assignment.

“The survey indicates that 34% of people associate their purpose in life with happiness”.


You have a heart for God and His kingdom. You are faithful and diligent. You still can not get clarity for your life purpose and assignment. You are in the right place. 

Problem is, you feel like that you are stuck. You want a blueprint just drop down from heaven. So you can just follow this blueprint and fulfill the purpose of your life with joy.

But not knowing where you are going and if you have all that it takes to get to the place that God calls you, is standing in your way.

You end up doing the things that do not utilize your gifts and talents. These things seem to drain your energy away. You are always tired, and work is a chore.

You don’t feel connected to God and people.

You feel stuck and numb with little hope of ever breaking the cycle of surviving.

You are eager to leave everything behind, but where to and for what? 

Keeping doing the things that misalign with your purpose has cost you time, money, and joy. 

You know deep down that you can make impact where God leads you. But you can’t quite bring yourself to get help in finding the purpose. 

If ANY of that’s true for you…

You don’t need to struggle and continue to be stuck on your own.


So you can connect with God and get clarity and guidance and discover your purpose and make impact with your gifts and talents. 


Thrive with Purpose Coaching

The THRIVE WITH PUROSE COACHING is for Christians that want to connect with God to discover their purpose and receive guidance on their assignment that makes lasting impact. 

I’ve taken everything I’ve learned during last 15 years… and turn it into this Spirit Lead coaching program. 

So you can stop being stuck and lost. And start following God and His blueprint to change the world with joy and excitement. 

Creating a thriving life with purpose and meaning is possible with some help. Especially the help is from your creator who knows everything about you. 

Ever wondered a purposeful life look like: 

A purposeful person’s life is exciting.

You look forward to each day.

Everything seems to work in harmony because you are in the ‘flow’ with His Spirit.

Your purpose guards your decisions and choices.

You are connected with God on your everyday life.

The THIRVE WITH PURPOSE COACHING gives you step by step process to partner with God to leap over surviving and leap into thriving. 


I felt that I had been emotionally stuck before the Purposeful Living coaching program. By the end of the course, I had been refreshed. I took more opportunities to initiate new friendships. I also saw God bring healing and forgiveness to a strained friendship.
Maria Lautt 1
Annie Buckels
Assistant Mission Diretor

Thrive with Purpose is brought to you by Wei Wei, Founder and CEO of Imagine Life Coaching


Hi, I am Wei Wei

My journey of transformation begun 15 year ago with a rather unexpected demotion. I was completely lost into endless pursuit of corporate success. With all the success in position and title, I still had not found satisfaction.

I spent months waiting on God ended in sleep, fasted and prayed, read books on intimacy with God, attended Christian conferences, served in all kinds of ministry in church to help people. I tried to connect with God for clarity in who I am and my purpose in life.  

Eventually, I gained confidence in my own relationship with God. Everything started to fall into places. I wrote a book on Christian couseling that lead people to recognize God’s love and gain new perspective on their relationships. From there, I developed coaching programs that actually transform people’s lives. 

Once I had a proven coaching programs, I started having WAY more fun with coaching.

Six-Step Thrive with Purpose Coaching

Thrive with Purpose Coaching is a 6-step program to move from a life of numbing busyness and endless chasing for significance to a thriving life with clarity and purpose; a life that is rooted in relationship with God through hearing His voice.

thrive with purpose

Five Element Clarity Model to Thrive with Purpose


We gain clarity in purpose by examining these 6 elements
IDENTITY: Who you are, rooted in your relationship with God. The clarity and security in identity as a child of God bring life and fruitfulness.
PURPOSE: Your original design and intention, WHY you do what you do, is the anchor for the journey forward.
CALLING: Your designated function and roles.
TALENTS: Your abilities, gifts, and talents.
IMPACT: Your sphere of influence, including vocation, location, and demographics.
GOALS: Your long-term and short-term focus and actions.

What Happy Clients Said About Coaching

During one of the coaching sessions, I was encouraged to spend ten minutes with God. I began to journal for the first time in my life. I felt a significant connection with God when I hear God’s voice: you now see and recognize me (God) when you see and recognize the small things in life.
Melody Willet
Melody Willet
Office Manager

Thrive with Purpose Coaching Prices

Simple Prices, Flexible Options & Nothing Hidden

Group Coaching

Yes, I am ready to thrive with purpose
8 weekly sessions
  • Pay Per Package
  • Eight Weekly Coaching Sessions
  • Online Community
  • Three Monthly Office Hours
  • Certification of Completion

1:1 Coaching

Yes, I am ready to thrive with purpose
6 weekly sessions
  • Pay Per Package
  • Six Weekly Coaching Sessions
  • Online Community
  • Two Monthly Office Hours
  • Certification of Completion

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