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Wei Wei Chang

Wei Wei Chang

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In Christ, there is creative and transformative power for deliverance, healing, renewing, and wholeness, as it is in 2 Corinthians 5:17. Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away; behold, the new has come.

There is a huge difference between being In Christ and not in Christ.

When we travel for vacation, we usually pray for people whom God leads into our path. On our recent trip to Alaska, we met Martha, an ethnic Yupik, who works at the Musk Ox Co-op. We prayed for God’s heart of love to be released in her life and affirmed her identity. Her eyes welled up with tears of joy. Her only daughter died at 4 years old. Despite the pain, she has kept on living and loving life because of her faith in Christ. We felt like we were being immersed in the Yupik culture while shopping at Oomingmak, the store’s name, which means “the one that has hair.” The musk ox’s qiviut is the 2nd most expensive fiber in the world. This beanie hat made of Qiviut is one of the most expensive hats that I have ever seen. We wanted to support her trade and her people group, so we bought 3 beenies. For fun, my husband asked about seal meat. Martha took out a package from the back of the store. She unwrapped the package, grabbed a dry piece of pike jerky, and handed it over to my husband for him to try. She then opened a tightly sealed glass bottle, like the most prized possession, and asked my husband to dip his finger on the bottle cap. This bottle contained pure natural seal oil, which is very precious and cannot be bought. What a divine encounter! We both benefited from this encounter -Martha experienced God’s love and sold three qiviut hats. We got to taste dried pike and seal oil.

We then went to Walmart in Anchorage to buy water and snacks. We saw many homeless people inside and outside of this Walmart. One Yupik lady approached us. There was a bottle of liquor next to her. Her name was Natasha. She appeared to be homeless. She struck up a conversation with us and told us that she had suffered a plane crash. She had 7 kids, and her 18-year daughter is going to give birth next month. She was so excited to become a grandma. We offered to pray for God to heal her from the trauma of the plane crash. She was weeping as we prayed for her. She showed us the bracelet on her wrist as an indication of her belief in God. Then her friend Mimi joined her. She started to pour out her brokenness – her honey died, and she has never recovered from brokenness. We offered to pray for Mimi. Mimi did not seem to hear our prayer. She kept repeating the same words: my heart is broken, my honey died. Natasha asked for bus money to go back. We happily gave it to her. She left with Mimi and her bottle of liquor.

Sometimes, we allow our pain and past to dominate our lives. When we give our pain and past to Christ, through the divine exchange at the cross, Christ gives us peace, healing, and deliverance, a new creation.

We loved to get to know the Yupiks in Alaska. Our heart goes out to the Yupiks and their brokenness. We pray and declare that all those who are lost will be found. Through Christ, they receive healing from their brokenness, deliverance from trauma and pain, and the day has come for the Yupiks to be in Christ. They are a new creation; the old has passed away, the new Yupiks have come.
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