Trust God When You Face Unexpected Outcome

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Can you still trust God when your prayer is answered differently from your expectation?

It is difficult to trust God when you are disappointed. I get it because I have been disappointed, and all I want to do is to build cases in my head and my heart against God and people. Have you prayed prayer: Lord, I commit this matter to you, I ask for your best? Then we walk away and waiting for His best to show up.
This prayer of commitment will be tested sometimes to strengthen our trust in the Lord, especially when things are not going the way we expected. We may scream inside: No, this cannot be the best from God, as it is not what I’ve prayed for. The belief that only we know what the best for our lives is revealed. I hear this a lot from people: I prayed for a godly man to be my husband, a decade past, a godly man has not shown up yet. I prayed for my marriage to be restored, but it seems that my husband was pulling far away from me. I pray for my prodigal son to return, and there is no sight of him. The doubt start to arise: can I still trust God? I experienced the unexpected outcome of my prayers recently. I feel your disappointment as I was deeply disappointed as well. 
Could it be that He did answer our prayer, although it looks, feels, tastes different from what we’ve expected? His best will manifest in the distant future, instead of harboring an offense against God or against the people whom we believe could influence for a different result. Sometimes, our eyes are on the results that we desire, and we could miss God’s ways.
For those whose prayer is not answered in the way you have hoped for or have expected, I feel that the Lord is saying – hold my hands and walk with me.
Psalm 37:5, says “Commit your way to the Lord, Trust also in Him.”
Lord, help us trust God, and God, you have our best for our lives. If you want to learn more about keeping a clean heart and free from offense, please check out my book, The Lens of Love

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