Your Authenticity and Life Fulfillment

To be Authentic YOU is a step towards Life Fulfillment

One of the indications for life fulfillment is to be authentic YOU with God and with others.
I heard a testimony of a sister being set free from copying others and fearing being who she is. We applauded her courage for being Herself. Being who we are is so powerful, attractive, yet very vulnerable. We all tend to hide our weak or inadequate side and only show our bright and strong side to the world because of fear of rejection. In our mind, we believe this lie: People would look down on us or reject us if they see our weakness or know who we are behind closed doors. We try very hard to present the best and acceptable version of ourselves. We cover the light (Christ) in us by doing so, and the world only sees the copy of someone else, which is the opposite of God’s calling and purpose for us – to be light.
God requires authenticity in our relationship with Him as in 1 Corinthians 8:3, But the one who loves God is known by God. God created us, and He knows everything about us. Why do we need to be known by God?
The word ‘Know’ (ginṓskō) means: to know, primarily through personal experience (first-hand acquaintance) or sexual intimacy (Luke 1:34). Making us known by God is part of relationship building.
Our kids are often well-behaved outside of the home, but loud, emotional at home because they feel safe to be THEM. Likewise, we can be expressive of all our feelings and thoughts with Father God when we believe we can be safe with Him. We know that expressing our emotions (disappointment, sadness, anger, injustice, shame, etc.) will not change God’s unconditional love towards us. As a parent, I sense something is off with my children’s emotions. I love for my children to tell me what bothers them in schools instead of hiding their anger, disappointment. I can pray with them and counsel them when they open up to me. I believe that Father God is waiting for us to pour out our hearts to Him, although He knows it all.
The best example of being known by God is King David in the Bible. He poured out his heart and emotions to God. God calls him the man after His own heart.
When we are known by God, we are freer to be known by people. To be who we authentically are is a step towards true fulfillment.
In November, I will release the first two parts of a 4-PART Fulfillment Process: Healing Relationships (Hear God’s Voice, and Healing with God).  Stay tuned!
Wei Wei

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